SNMP Monitor

2001/08/03 - I have started the work at a new Java version of this software. I am doing this because i was dissapointed by the gtk and ucd-snmp API and i have encountered a lot of multithreading problems while working with them. The new version of the software should be ready in about a month. It will run on both Unix and Windows machines using a Java1.3 compatible VM.

The SNMP Monitor is a graphical SNMP monitoring tool designed mainly for WAN surveillance. It allows the user to view the states of network trunks, routers and any other SNMP-able equipment. You can know in real-time the situation of network equipments.
I would appreciate a lot if you would send me (just for my eyes) screenshots of networks monitored with snmp-monitor.

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New features (in version 0.6)
You can see here a screenshot and a sample configuration, to figure out how it might look like.

A brief description of visual representation used by snmp_monitor:

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